Sorting click statistics by date or campaign number

Never gave it much thought before but now, as I dig in, I’m having problems with the lack of flexibility to sort the data the way I’d like for lack of sorting options.

I have no problems with the sorting for STATISTICS OVERVIEW, VIEW OPENS and CAMPAIGN CLICK STATISTICS, where campaigns are listed from newest to oldest. But when I try to get more data on specific users, it’s a real headache.

“Subscribers who clicked a campaign” and “Clicks of a subscriber” are especially difficult to sort. I get that it’s listed by link most clicked, but is there a way to change that order? Whatever happened to listing “per campaign” so I can see which campaign a specific user preferred or not?

Am I missing something or it’s an option that’s not offered at all?

You might want to check out @duncanc Advanced statistics plugin, and his subscribers plugin.
To install either, please follow the instructions on his GitHub page (install the ‘common’ plugin first, it’s a prerequisite for the Advanced statistics and subscribers plugin.

I’ll check it out. Thanks Dan.