Sort results in Advanced Search

Hi all,

I am using the “Advanced Search” as part of the “Subscribers” plugin.

While it is far more usable than the default built-in Search function, it would be useful to be able to sort the search results by different attributes.

Am i missing something obvious that makes this possible?

Many thanks


No, you are not missing anything. The results are sorted by the subscriber id. My original thinking was that any further manipulation could be easily done by exporting the results and opening the csv file in a spreadsheet program.

Thank you Duncan.

It would be useful (maybe just for me though :rofl: :rofl:).

For example , we capture other information such as business name and address details. So it would have been nice to be able to search for the town/city, then view the business names alphabetically, quickly, without having to use the CSV to manipulate the data.


@toby1479 The search results can now be ordered by selecting an attribute or subscriber field from a new drop-down list.

You can update the plugin on the Manage Plugins page, and also need to update Common Plugin see

@duncanc Amazing, thank you for adding this feature so quickly. Very much appreciated.