Some people receive an empty mail


I have a problem with my sending.

When I send a mailing some people receive an empty mail with the icon Powered by Phplist but not everybody.

Personnally when I receive the mailing or when I receive a mail test I receive a empty mail with the icon Powered by Phplist with windosw live mail with Windows 10 but with an other messagery, the mail is ok and also in Windows 10.

So I don’t know how to resolve the problem.

Thank you for your help

Hi, what version are you using?


I’am using 3,05 and I can’t use any newer version because php version of my server is too low.

It was working fine before.

Thank you

Before? Before what, something must have changed, but what?

Has your host made some changes? Or have you changed something? Please give more details to assist anyone who might be able to help you.


There is no change in my host. The only change I see is that I have installed Windows 10.
For the mailing that I receive with Windows live mail I only see an image Powered by phplist and the same mailing on the same mail adress but with another messagery it is ok and the mail is complete.

But I don’t see the relation between the messagery and the soft phplist.

Thank you

Windows 10…
Some people are reporting that email received on WinX computers are predominantly blank because of plugins they use for steam games. Most notably: xna 3.1
Once this plugin is removed, email returns to normal.

Could this possibly be the reason for your blank emails?


I don’t think because I don’t play with my computer

Thank you

Let’s try and definitively eliminate Windows 10 as being the problem.
Maybe some other component on your system is effecting the email.

Do you receive other email (not sent by PHPList) in the same interface?
If so, are there any problems with that other email?

Could you consider installing and trying Mozilla Thunderbird in order to test and see if it’s a problem with the native WinX email interface?


As I needed to send urgently a mailing, I have downgraded phplist to the version 2.19 (the last version before the 3.00 and the ptoblem doesn’t exist anymore. I receive the mailing full with all my messagery soft and always on Windows 10.

It’s working fine except that now I have a problem of accent and apostrophe in french. In fact the mailing is always in french.

So it seems well that the problem is well in the configuration of phplist.

When I receive the mailing I receive all the text until the first accent. All the text after the first accent is not included in the mail.
It’s the same problem with apostrophe but with apostrophe there is no ascci character. So for the mailing exceptionnally I have deleded all the apostrophe but in french there is a lot of apostrophe.

Thank you

If I replace all accent with their ascii characters it works.

Thank you

@Phil To enable anyone to help with this problem you will need to provide the content of the actual email that Windows live mail is displaying. I expect that there will be a way to view the source of the email, so please copy that and paste into a text file. Then attach the file here.

Also, you can try changing the encoding used. Other problems with displaying emails can sometimes be solved by adding this line to, or changing the existing line in, your config file



Sorry for the delay I was away.

Thank you very much. It works fine with this new code.

I have another problem since the version 3 my crojob doesn’t work anymore:

here is the formule that I use

curl -s ‘’ >/dev/null

and it was always working but since the version 3 it doesn’t work anymore.

Thank you for your help

This approach is no longer supported. See the documentation for other ways to process the queue

processing queue using the latest version rather requiring the processing secret code

Maybe you can try to work around with this code…

Thank you but it doesn’t work.

So I have returned to the version 2. There it works fine with the conjob.

But I have a problem with this version.

The text of the mailing doesn’t appear as soon as there is an accent in the message.

If there is no accent everuything works fine but all the message doesn’t appear from the first accent until the end of the message.

Thanks for your help.


If you are getting stuck on phpList 2 then the problem is really quite serious, as that version is deprecated and not secure. It’s important we get you upgraded asap :smile:

I would suggest you look at paid support or, for a fully managed service. If you let me know how many mails you are sending I can get your a quote for .com.

Kindest regards



When I send a mailing it is for 5000 people and I send mailing twice a month.

I have come back to the 3.11 version and no problems with accent and I use now the browser to send the queue. I send it with a PC that I don’t use often and it is send in about 15 minutes.

Thank you very much

Well if you wanted an always-updated out of the box version, would be a good idea. 15K messages a month is $30.00 or 5k subscribers and “unlimited” messages is $25.00. Hope that helps, you can mail me on anna @ for more info.