Some advice for correct configuration of sending rate


I would be very happy to get some advices to configure correctly the sending rate of my newsletters. I’m lost reading the docs, I don’t really understand what are the best practices (or the best practice I should adopt in my situation)…

I send campaigns mostly with browser and sometimes with CRON (when they are planned).
I have about 15.000 mails to send for each campaign. I have my own VPS without any sending limit but I think I don’t want to send more that 2 or 3 emails per second to avoid to be classified as spammer (and avoid overloading of my vps). For now I have the following configuration :


I’m wondering about some things :

  1. at that speed of 3 emails per second, 15000 emails are sent in 84 minutes (at least). So should I set MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD to a higher value than one hour to have my campaing fully automatically sent ?

  2. what is the difference of these setting with these one :



Many thanks for your help…

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It is simplest to use only a throttle value without batch settings.


When using a cron job phplist will continue sending until it has completed.
When sending through the browser phplist will use a default batch size (I think 1000), but you should use this approach only for sending to a relatively small number of subscribers.

Configure your cron job to run frequently, say every 5 minutes. When you send a new campaign you will need to wait only until the next run of the cron job for it to start to be sent.

Hello Duncanc !

Thank you very much for your answer.

For my regular newsletters, I have about 15000 subscribers which is not (i think) a relatively small number of subscribers… so you’re telling me to use only cron jobs to send all my newsletters, aren’t you ?

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yes, this would make sense - even if you have a few thousand a cron can be worth it, otherwise you have to sit there with your browser open all the time when you send.

Why does everybody only refer to sending via cron jobs and browsers?
Is there some aversion to using SSH that I am unaware of?

php -q index.php -p processqueue > /dev/null

Obviously the benefit of running the command through ssh or a cron job is the same. But a cron job, by definition, runs on a regular schedule which is necessary when using batch processing.

Addtionally many hosting accounts, such as my own shared hosting, do not provide ssh access.
I guess that you are more of an advanced user than many using phplist.

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I hadn’t thought of neither batch processing requirements, nor lack of ssh access.
Thanks for clearing that up.

yes also I think a cron is something that less technical people can do at a stretch, with help, one time… but ssh is a whole other thing :slight_smile: