[SOLVED] Undo/Recover Deleted Subscriber List

I searched first but did not find a possible solution to this issue.

Problem: I intended to move all subscribers from List A to List B, then delete List A. What I did instead was delete List A. From what I’ve read, I only deleted the subscriber List A, not the subscribers themselves. However, the subscribers are now blacklisted, even though they were all confirmed before the deletion.

Question: Is there any way to undo this?

To aid anyone who wishes to respond: I’m on Phplist v3.3.1. Using Firefox 52.0.1 (the latest as of March 20, 2017), Self-hosted.


Just deleting a list should not have blacklisted them.
You might want to install @duncanc 's subscriber plugin and see if you can do anything with that.

It would be possible to login to the database directly, and restore the list, but that’s some fancy footwork using mysql commands.

Thanks for weighing in, dan. What I just figured out (big duh on me :flushed: ) was all subscribers from the deleted List A were still in the database, they had just gone to “list-less” limbo. I went to Subscribers>Reconcile Subscribers and clicked on "move all subscribers who are not subscribed to any list to " and boom! they were instantly added back to an existing list. Phplist had me covered all along. Cheers!

Glad to hear it! Good work, and thanks for posting the solution