[SOLVED!] Unable to send daily rss

I’m unable to send daily rss or even, hourly, fortnights and weekly. Whenever I process the queue, it says “All done” but I’m not able to receive any messages even though I have set the embargo time to the past. My log is not also showing any errors.

Log: Embargo advanced for RSS message 94

Please help! Thanks

This indicates that there was not any RSS content for the campaign. See the plugin documentation https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/rssfeed to understand how it works.

Good day! Thanks for the link! Yes I have read the documentation. Sorry but still no joy with this, There are content in my RSS though, I’ve try testing it by sending “Send Test” and the email works. But whenever I send it via campaign is not working.

@ritztoston You will need to explain exactly what you mean by “not working”. For example, which RSS feed item should have been included in a campaign?

I am guessing that you do not fully understand how the plugin selects items https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/rssfeed#how_the_plugin_selects_items

Sending a test message will include any items from the feed, but when the campaign is submitted and sent then only feed items published within the repeat period will be selected.

Good day! I’m so sorry, I did some a little tweak in the file that might have destroyed my campaign. My rss is fine though. It updates every 6AM and I have set my embargo time to 6:15AM. The problem was, I did something in the php file that causes me the problem. I have copied the original file again to my server and it works great now! Thanks @duncanc!