[SOLVED] Suppressions list usage problem

I am trying to temporarily exclude some subscribers from a specific campaign. The subscribers may belong to other mailing lists with other campaigns about to run.

I’ve looked at the Suppression list but
a) after adding a test entry there is no suppression list to edit/delete etc. which means going back into each subscriber in order to reconfirm them
b) this appears to be an blanket block and not campaign specific.

Please help if I am not understanding this correctly.

I’ve also looked at segmentation
but in this instance there is no selectable difference between my records

Basically I want to resend a campaign but don’t want to bother those who have already bought in to it - but I do want to interest them in other newer offers.

How would one go about doing this ?



There is a temporary suppression list thing, but I would simply use list exclude. Make a list of those who you want to exclude from the campaign and then choose to exclude that list when you choose the recipients. Does that make sense?

Thanks Anna,
I’ve heard of List Exclude,
I’ve added

# list exclude will add the option to send a message to users who are on a list
# except when they are on another list.
define('USE_LIST_EXCLUDE', 1);

to my config (is 1 on or off ??) not sure what it does ?
Creating a new list has no such options for me…
Sorry but I’m not sure where to look for this elusive exclusive list :wink:
though by all accounts it’s exactly what I’m looking for.


1 is on, 0 is off

You would need to make this list in order to use the feature - when you say earlier

I assume you have some record of those who have bought it? You could even make a list by looking at the clicks/opens of the previous mail and exporting them.

Thanks again Anna,

I do know know the e-mails of those that have bought,
but I don’t want to manually remove them from the list.

Ideally I can create a (temporary) list_temp that I can run against any other list(s) that will exclude any e-mails from being sent to those in the list_temp.

This is my understanding of what the exclude list does.
but I just can’t find it anywhere (version 3.2.3)

There is a suppression list that says tick to make permanent, but this alters the record and doesn’t keep a list of addresses added in order to change them back.

I hope this is not the one that you were referring to earlier.
There should be a simpler way just comparing email address (not records) at send time, ideally per campaign and not system wide.

but where do I put, or how do I use :
this list I have that I (for this mail / campaign only) don’t want to send.

sorry if I am struggling to understand or make myself clear somehow

When composing the campaign, the Lists tab will have a section where you can choose the lists to which you do not want to send.

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Woo Hoo :smiley:
This is what I was looking for, thanks VERY much, I just didn’t know where to find it.

Lovely Stuff
Thanks Again Duncan

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