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Hello guys and thank you in advance for the help.
I get this error message when subscribing a new email from the " Subscribe to our Newsletters" Link on the domain.com/list page.

I did search the forum for this issue, i found a possible solution adding the following line to the config.php file: define('PHPMAILERSUBSCRIBEHOST','');

I added it at the end of the config file. Saved… then purged the cache on the server just in case, but i still get the same error.
Where else can i check?

Ok… i am checking the log of events and found a problem, i believe this is why i get the error message.

“MailSender http code: 403, result: Sender InvalidClientTokenId The security token included in the request is invalid. 66b424ed-8969-4835-a5cc-56adf24b9ea5 , curl error:”

I updated my server’s DMARC settings recently, like 5 days ago and today i am trying to use phplist for the first time ever since, may be this is related to this error? The SMTP account settings did not change, how can i make phplist renew / update that security token?

Sorry, BRAIN FART here.
I had the Amazon SES plugin enabled and i haven’t setup an account there yet. I took a few weeks break setting up phplist and I totally forgot.
I disabled it and now everything works fine.