[SOLVED] Questions About Hosted Plan Vs. Self Hosted

I maintain emails and run the campaigns for a website that currently has about 2100 subscribers using the latest version of phplist 3.3.5. 98% of our subscribers enroll via signup sheets placed at checkout during our events. I enter new subscribers from these lists through my account at http://thewebsite/lists/admin, send them a welcome! email and, thereafter, new campaigns.

If I switch to hosted, would I continue to build/maintain lists and send campaigns as before, only with hosted they would be going out from the dashboard at https://username.hosted.phplist.com/lists/admin?

Is the advantage of hosted over self-hosted that once you hit “Place Campaign in Queue For Sending”, that’s when phplist.com kicks in with the better chance of delivery success?

@PresterJohn Sorry for the slow reply.

Yes. You can import your subscribers, minus the stats from past campaigns, and continue to send as before.

Yes, phpList Hosted is all-in-one and pre-configured, so you only need worry about adding campaigns and managing lists. Depending on how you were sending before, deliverability will likely be better as all technical aspects of deliverability are managed for you as a service.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Sam, this will definitely assist me in making a decision!

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