{SOLVED} Problem with php 7

Hi there.
I am using phplist v3.0.12 but if I try to change my php version from 5.4 to 7 phplist doesn’t work anymore…
Any idea is welcome!

@Patrick It might be a missing php module, if PHP 7 has been built with a different set of modules to php 5.4. You should look at the web server logs to see if any errors have been reported.

But you should also upgrade to the latest phplist release, 3.3.1. First ensure that works with php 5.4, which it should, then try the php upgrade again.

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Thanks you @duncanc , I will try to install the lastest release.
I coudl find which module is missing looking at web server logs ?

@Patrick If it is a problem with missing module then I would expect to see an error reported in either the web server logs or a php log file. If there is no error being reported then it is difficult to find out what the problem is.

@duncanc thanks it works!
I updated phplist an dthen muy php version (to 7.1).
Now I still have a problem with one fuonctionalty, getting the error.
The requested URL /admin/ was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
But I already had that error before.

Are you using lists as the default directory? If not, you need to set the $pageroot value to your directory in config.php

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Thank you @Dragonrider !
Indeed, pageroot was set to ‘/’ and when I set it to ‘/list/lists’ it works perfectly fine!