[SOLVED] Point in message!

Hello! I have a problem with the body of the message generated. an image of a point is inserted. I think it is for some statistics function I would like to remove it could give me a help ? Thank you!

php = 2.6.0
phplist = 3.2.5
CKEditorPlugin = 2.1.2+20160514

source of email:


<div><img src=3D"cid:ea58bf9fc576c549a3ddf1f594d97039" /></div>
=0A<img src=3D"https://*****.***/lists/ut.php?u=3D70a05e96f7d6206572e3=
5ba3a4545f7f&amp;m=3D109" width=3D"1" height=3D"1" border=3D"0" alt=3D"" />=

@deblaz It sounds like you want to disable user tracking.
You need to add or change this line in your config.php file


that’s just what I wanted! thank you very much!