[SOLVED] Not getting option to enable or disable plugin

Hi i am not getting an option to enable or disable the plugins installed.

I want to use the CKEditor plugin and not the fckphplist to compose my message.

What is wrong and how can i change this?

All the help is really appreciated. Thanks

@carldcosta26 Please provide the information requested in the pinned topic “When asking for help” on the main page.

Which release of phplist is installed, and which version of php?

Sorry about that.

I am using phpList version 3.2.1 and PHP version 5.3.10

There is a problem with phplist versions 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 that means it does not work with php 5.3, Upgrade from 3.0.11 to 3.2.3 - php version 5.3. on web server too old

But as you seem to be running version 3.2.1 then that should be ok.

If you understand the browser’s developer tools you could look at the web console to see if anything odd is happening when the page is displayed.
Or even check the page html as, from what I can see in the code, a button should always be displayed in the enabled column.

Sorry i made a silly error.

I found my mistake. There were a few lines of code that I had commented out earlier for some reason which lead to the enable and disable buttons not showing.

I uncommented those lines of code and everything seems to be fine now.

Thanks for all the help.