[SOLVED] Messages with html formatting

I want to put a link to the site inside the subscription / subscription page -> subscription / subscription page -> Message they receive when they confirm their subscription, but any link that I put appears the tags.

Is there any way to edit these messages with html formatting?


@kklo I think that you need to create a system template on the Manage Campaign Templates page. It need not have any real content but has to have the [CONTENT] placeholder.

I’m referring to the messages:
Request for confirmation, Welcome to our Newsletter, Goodbye from our Newsletter in subscribe pages ->Transaction messages

Is this formatting possible?

@kklo Yes, as I explained you need to create a system template. Then phplist will send “system” emails as html.

Hi, @duncanc

Where do I create the system template?

As I explained earlier

I created a message template only with [CONTENT] Placeholders.
The only way to enter [CONTENT] was to create within the campaign -> content. I could not find another way to create text to be inserted into [CONTENT].

Here is an image of where I want to format messages received by subscribers.

It should also have the basic structure of an html document - html tag, body tag etc. Did you mark the template as the system template using the radio button on the Manage Templates page?

The CONTENT placedholder will be replaced by the value entered on the Settings page.

Hi, @duncanc
Okay, I got it done, but there’s still a question. the [CONTENT] placed inside the template in the template manager is replaced by the text in the configuration page, but I want a certain word that is in the text of the configuration page to be in red and bold to get attention, or a small image between paragraphs.

@kklo Are you saying that your change is not taking effect, or something else? If you have created a subscribe page then you need to edit the subscribe page instead of the value on the Settings page.

hi, @duncanc
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