[SOLVED] Importing from CSV to update a Foreign Key

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Sorry to bring up an old topic.

I am running 3.2.4 and am facing a similar issue.

I can’t seem to update an existing record with a foreign key.(FK)
Overwrite Existing is ticked


All the emails already exist in the database and are member of the lists
Subscriber data was updated for 31 subscribers
0 subscribers were matched by foreign key, 31 by email

but none of them have my FKs.
and in Subscriber History / Subscription I have

No user details changed

Any suggestions appreciated.


@digit Importing using a foreign key seems to work for me. Ensure that the column title is “foreign key”.

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Thanks Duncan,
now that works for me :smile:
I was using “ForeignKey” which the system seemed to get same as "email"
ie. it didn’t ask me to identify the attributes.
Using “foreign key” it did and so now it’s updating.

Thanks very much.

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