[SOLVED] Import to wrong subscriber list

Hi again,
Ok whilst under a bit of pressure I imported a list of email addresses from CSV to the wrong subscriber list :frowning:
Is there a way to run a CSV list against a subscriber list to remove the addresses from it ?

I have the original data for the list before I messed it up so it’s not too serious, I can restore it form backup etc. but if there is a simpler way from within PHPList it would be convenient.
Version 3.2.4

For the Dev team having the name of the list one is importing to at each step (page) of the process would also help :wink:

Here’s hoping
Thanks in Advance

@digit Using the Subscribers plugin you can remove subscribers from a list. See https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/subscribers#subscriber_commands


Hey Duncan,
Thanks very much for this - REALLY appreciated.

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