[SOLVED} How to edit default subscribe page

How/where can I edit the default subscribe page (in particular, the look and feel)?

I have tried modifying the header code to point to new style sheets (initially just copies of the original color.css and subscribe.css style sheets (with any relative links corrected), but they don’t get picked, up despite the fact that the URLS are correct and if pasted in a browser will show the style sheet content.

You can edit the subscribe page in the “Config” “Subscribe Page” menu.
That’s the easiest way.

Also, changing the css style sheets doesn’t show any difference… the system uses the minified css file.

Hi Dan

Thanks for your reply - I had been attempting to modify it through subscribe page in the config menu. Seemed like the element I need to edit is the header - the header links to the style sheets. if it uses the minified css file does that mean I can’t link to a different (ie external) style sheet?

Otherwise, if I put embedded styles in the header would it pick those up?

Many thanks


Hi Alex, You can also look in the settings… “Config” “Settings” and under the section “Subscription UI-settings” there are sections for ‘header’ and ‘footer’. You can specify your css files there, they can be external to phpList.

If you keep the css files that are in there by default, then it will use the minified versions of those css files.
I would suggest that you point to external files, in that they will not be overwritten when you update the phpList software (which you will want to eventually do…)

Hi Dan

I’d read in another post that I need to update the default subscribe page, and having tried it, making changes on the Subscription UI code doesn’t seem to have an effect. Now that I know, from your earlier reply, that the subs page will use the minified css style sheet and I can’t influence that, I’m having most success by embedding the css in tags in the subscription form header, so I’m making progress now!

Many thanks for your help