[SOLVED]How to delete email

I have a list of 1500 emails. How do I bulk delete, definitely all emails?


Do you mean you have 1500 email addresses of subscribers you wish to delete, or you have sent 1500 email campaigns and wish to clear your db?

I have 1500 subscriber email addresses and I want to delete. Clear the list. I have no more interest in these 1500 emails.

First of all you need to export them to a CSV file, so that you can copy and paste them into the Mass Remove Subscribers option.
If you do not have this option in your version of phpList, then you’ll need to install the Subscriber Plugin from DCameron’s plugins. (Go to Config>Manage Plugins to check if you have it).

If you don’t then you can find it here: https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/subscribers

Make sue you choose Delete rather than Remove or the emails will remain in your database.

Thank you very much