SOLVED: Forward only sends template data, not body text

Version 3.3.3 on Centos 610

Our campaigns use a saved template that contains our logo and the word [content].

The content is created using Campaigns | Send a Campaign.

The emails go out succesfully with all the proper data.

However, if someone clicks the forward link, only the template part of our campaign get forwarded which is obviously not very good - it only contains the logo and nothing more.

Why is this happening? All other links work although I do also notice that sometime using the Advanced Statistics plugin, the plugin will show links that don’t actually even exist in the emails.

SOLVED: The default config.php states:

different content when forwarding ‘to a friend’

Allow admin to enter a different message that will be sent when forwarding ‘to a friend’

This will show an extra tab in the message dialog.


Mine had a setting of “1”.

It needs to be “0” in order to forward the actual message beyond any contained template or other data.

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@pancakehollow Interesting – somehow that config option must have been changed from its default (off) setting. Glad you were able to solve it.