[SOLVED] FCKeditor has no tools after upgrade

I just upgraded PHP List to version 3.2.1, and now my message/campaign person is complaining there is no way to change font/size or bold/italic/underline. I checked for myself, and the WYSIWYG window just has a place to type; no toolbar, no controls over font, space, size, etc.

In the previous version 2.x, it was all working fine, but an issue with the way PHPList 2.x handled MIME types forced me to upgrade.

I’ve checked the config.php file, and the USEFCK is set ‘1’.

I’m really not sure what else to look at and the REM statements mention that FCKEditor is indeed the default editor.

What should I look at to get this working?

Thank you,
Patrick Ring

OK. After looking in all the wrong places (making the issue much more complicated, I found the settings area that controls plug-ins. A quick ENABLE click, and I’m fixed.

I’m so sorry for posting on an issue whose fix should have been obvious.

Thank you so much for being here!

Patrick Ring

Glad you found the solution, the plug in page is where we would have directed you. Version 3 has a lot of changes to version 2, hopefully for the better.

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