SOLVED: Disappearing users & bad regex in segmentplugin kerfuffle

Hello. And Happy New Year. I’m sure it will be a great year for phplist the best open-source email system in the WORLD!

I’m finding in version v3.6.10 some confirmed, not blacklisted users don’t show up in the subscriber lists but do show up in stats, but when clicked on the email link for that user, the system shows not a subscribed user. They don’t show up in MessageStatisticsPlugin but do show up in the stock statistics.

I’ve confirmed they are not blacklisted. At least in the screen that shows them as a subscriber they are not blacklisted. But then they are not showing up on other screens.

I’m wondering is there some cache or other system file that maybe needs to be cleared in phplist or a possible corrupted mysql file that needs to be examined?


After investigating a bit I noticed that the SegmentPlugin may have something to do with this although not entirely sure. When I disabled it, the normal alignement of subscribers with their status returned. Odd. So I re-enabled the plugin and things seemed to align. Then another problem developed where when I tried to edit the email I was met with a blank screen and an error:

Database error 1139 while doing query Got error ‘brackets ([ ]) not balanced’ from regexp.

I disabled the SegmentPlugin and things returned to normal again. It’s very possible I input a wrong character or something into the segmentplugin when determining what group of emails would be sent.

But if I enable the plugin - even after deleting it and re-installing - these problems return.


As I was unable to edit the bad email that wouldn’t load, I was nevertheless able to view it in the “view” mode for that entry.

At the bottom I saw:

segment conditions: Subscribers match any of the following: Subscriber id REGEXP [0|1|$

Note the bad syntax: [0|1|$

This was causing the email to not load in edit mode.

I then went into the database and searched for any occurances of %Segment% in all tables.

I was able to then go into the field for messagedata field for the bad email that wouldn’t load. I copied over the data from a copy of that email that had no regex conditions.
I was then able to open the bad one and continue on . . .

@pancakehollow I didn’t realise that an invalid regex caused an exception and “white page” when trying to edit the campaign. That has now been fixed and you can upgrade the Segment plugin to a new version on the Manage Plugins page.

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Sure sounds good. Have a good day.