[SOLVED] Disable "PHPlist Bounce processing info" emails

My first post here. Been using phplist for the last 4 years. Have a lot of experience with the code (I am a programmer) and how bounces works. But yesterday I got, for the first time ever, hundreds of emails with the title “PHPlist Bounce processing info” containing hundreds of rows telling me that this and that has been blocked etc etc.

This is not something I want. I am getting this email almost every third minute.

How to disable this?

@AndreKarlsson2018 Welcome to the forum! Happy to have another long time user with a voice here.

Is the issue that there are too many bounces, that email notification of these bounces is unwanted, or that you get duplicate copies of the email bounce notification?

Hi Sam!

The problem was this: I am running phplist trough a cron job. First it process the queue and then it process the bounces. To prevent timeout it only processes around 40-50 mails in the queue and around 100-200 bounces each run, once a minute.

Each run it sends out an email telling the administrator how the bounce-processing went. So once a minute I got an email telling me stuff I don’t needed to know.

I solved it by commenting out this:

admin/processbounce.php (row 61):

if (!TEST && $message) {
     //sendReport($subject, $message);
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Thanks for sharing your solution! So the system was working as designed, but it had not taken into account such frequent, small batch processing. Interesting.

Two possible solutions would be:

  • make those email notifications optional with a config setting
  • group notifications together and have a minimum duration between sending

I’ll add this to mantis as a feature request.


Mantis: https://mantis.phplist.org/view.php?id=19521