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[SOLVED] Demo not working?



The demo appears to not be working!!!


In what way? Working fine so far as I can see.

It won’t send messages out of course, it’s only a demo.

And it is 4 versions out of date sorry to say…


Sorry about it being outdated. Looks like the automated update process on there it isn’t working. We’ll get it fixed!


got it! ---- to get the login…



Off topic. but I’ve got some more issues I’m curious about before I do a local install. I’ve looked over the docs… can’t seem to find my answers!!

Unfortunately, it appears the forum process restricts the number of issues/posts – app states I have to wait for 10-12 hours… to post again…

I’ve got a question regarding phplist and the ability to manage/assign different roles/permissions to users. Can phplist handle multiple roles/permissions??