[SOLVED] Database error 1054 unknown column 'requeueinterval' in 'field list'


My version is 3.2.5.

After sending a new mail to the queue I get the hint “Database error 1054 while doing query Unknown column ‘requeueinterval’ in ‘field list’”. But everything works.


Hi Stefan,

phpList is trying to read or write from a column in the database that does not exist. Perhaps this was an upgrade of a previous version?

There should be a column called ‘requeueinterval’ in the ‘phplist_message’ table… Try adding it with a command like this:

alter table phplist_message add column requeueinterval integer default 0

Hi danwaterloo,

I added a column requeueinterval int(11) default 0 to the table phplist_message. It has 31 columns now. Nothing changed.

When I go to “System”, “Verify the db structure” only the table phplist_message is red, with or without the additional column “requeueinterval”!?


The same upgrade script that added the requeuinterval also added another column, do this command:

alter table phplist_message add column requeueuntil datetime

You might want to try “System” “rebuild indexes”, maybe that will show something that is missing?

thanks, now the table phplist_message has 32 columns; all lights are green (Verify the db structure). I had to add requeueinterval and requeueuntil.

The reason for the problem was maybe the following: My provider offers a “one-click-installation” of phplist - but in the version 3.0.12. I’ve never used this old version but it had been installed on the server. I thought that I removed everything from the server before I installed the actual version 3.2.5.