[SOLVED] Change my forum e-mail address

Just realised my forum account has an old e-mail address in it. How can I get this changed?

@shaddo The forum uses the account you created on phplist.org. If you login there then you can change the email address.

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Hi duncanc,
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction but when I try to make the change I get a warning: “There is a pending change of your email address to <<new address>> .
Check your email ( <<oldaddress>> ) for the verification link, or [cancel the pending change]”.
Unfortunately the old domain no longer exists so the mail cannot be delivered. Is there an admin I can refer to who can manually update the database or do I have to delete my account and register a new one?

I think @samtuke is the only admin on here, so suggest you send a PM to him.

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