[SOLVED] Cannot choose list for sending campaign -- 3.3.1

With the installation of 3.3.1, the “Lists” tab remains but is empty of any list. Therefore, as I create a new campaign, I get to the “Lists” tab and am unable to select a list to which to send the campaign – there are no lists listed and I cannot enter a list name directly.

The only way I’ve been able to send campaigns is to access my subscribers list first, and select the “Start a new campaign targeting this list” button from the list … and create the campaign from there.

This process works but I generally start from “Create a new campaign”, proceed to the “lists” step before I realize that I needed to start differently.

I am using the config.php file from my previous 3.2.6 installation – because using the file from 3.3.1 resulted in a number of other issues that I could not resolve until I went back to the previous file.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how to have the various lists appear for selection from the “Lists” tab … as they did with 3.2.6?

@Arlo141 which theme are you using? If it is the new theme then revert to the Dressprow theme as there are a few problems with the new theme.

Perfect! What an easy fix. Thanks so much, Duncan.