[SOLVED] Campaign not being added to the queue

I’ve been using phplist for about a year for one monthly newsletter so I’d regard myself as a PHPList simpleton.

Currently using PHPlist 3.2.3
PHP 5.3.28 (Which I don’t want to upgrade as it may kill Opencart).

Last month, everything worked fine, no changes made during the month.
This month, although when I click send campaign it tells me the campaign has been added, it hasn’t been added to the queue and I don’t get the response I used to telling me that the queue had been sent for remote processing on the PHPlist servers.

I’ve switched on verbose and nothing and I’ve checked the event log and nothing. If I try and manually process the queue I get this event:

select id from pl_message where status not in (“draft”, “sent”, “prepared”, “suspended”) and embargo

which I presume is the event log telling me there is nothing to process in the queue.

I’m out of ideas as to what’s wrong. Help, suggestions, anything appreciated assuming anyone is around on NYE! lol

phpList 3.2.x does actually seem to need PHP5.4+ but looking at OpenCart’s pages, OC needs a minimum or 5.3 so should work fine with PHP 5.4

I assume that when things worked, you were running an earlier version of phpList?

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Thank you, you are very right, PHPList needs 5.4. Just changed my PHP installation to 5.4 and all now working. You’ve saved the day, thank you, thank you, thank you.