[SOLVED] Bounce rule not apply


I’m using php 3.0.12 and today I noticed my bounce rule aren’t apply.

So made many test and none of them succeed.

To made a simple test I send to my bounce adress a short message including:

email_to_unsubscribe@my-domain.fr: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 5.1.1 Adresse d au moins un destinataire invalide. Invalid
recipient. OFR_416 [416]
Giving up on

Then I delete all my bounce rule ands create new one:

  1. Regular expression ==> Invalid recipient
    Action ==> User one blacklist
  2. Regular expression ==> 550
    Action ==> User one blacklist

Then I launch bounce treatment and I got the following message:

1 messages rejetés qu’il faut récupérer de la boîte de courrier (mailbox)
Merci de ne pas interrompre ce processus
Fermeture de la boîte aux lettres et purge des messages
Traitement des messages rejetés en fonction des règles en vigueur pour les messages rejetés
0 messages rejetés traités par le traitement avancé
0 les messages rejetés ne correspondent pas au règles de traitement avancé
Identification de messages rejetés consécutifs
1 abonnés traités au total

And When I check the result the user haven’t been pass to the blacklist.

Furthermore if you chech the result message I got:

0 posts rejected treated with advanced processing
0 rejected messages do not fit the advanced
How this could happen?

I found My mistake.
I got Cron problem, and I was trying to debugging mannually.