[solved] Blank page on fresh install

Hi all,

I just made a new install and can’t get anything else than a blank page.

The only thing modified is the mysql password and user in the config.

I already checked the forum for that error and only found some answer about missing quotes. Even though I don’t believe this answer, I checked 10 times by placing again the original config.php and changing carefully the params. That kind of error should anyway be displayed with the “display_error = On” line in php.ini

Neither on the web blank page nor the apache error.log have I no error.

PHP version is 5.4 and phpList is now 3.3.3 from yesterday. I had the same error with 3.3.2.

Any hint ?

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I think you need to upgrade your PHP version.

I have the same problem, I Use version 3.3.1 without problem, but the news version not found.

The System Requirements says that work with PHP 5.3.3 or major:


@Mitruc Please see this other topic for a likely cause and solution Blank Page on upgrade to 3.3.2 and 3.3.3 - Please help!

Wow, great job, that was it !

Thanks !

Edit : how do I mark this topic ‘solved’ ?

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@mitruc Happy to hear that. Edit the title of your original message to include [solved]