[SOLVED] Backend: Clicking on any menu results in .../admin/?page=logout&err=1

Solution: phplist installation is in a vhost-environment, but not yet secured by https like most of the other vhosts. But in /etc/php5/apache/php.ini option session.cookie_secure was set to 1 (enabled), see SO. It also prevents from initialising the database with error message You have been logged out, because the session token of your request was incorrect. Hope that helps.

@duncanc: Thanks for pointing at php session handling.

Hello everyone,

I have a strange phenomena with the backend. I can login to the backend on different machines with different browsers, but after logging in, when I click a menu etc. I am returned to the login page. Result in browser address bar: .../admin/?page=logout&err=1
I’ve tested this with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE - all up to date…

Funny thing is, I have one machine, where that does not happen. I can use the backend with Google Chrome but not with any other browser installed on the machine.

phpList version: 3.2.5, running on Linux Debian 8.5, PHP 5.6.24

Clients not working:

  • Windows 7, 10: Google Chrome, FF, IE
  • OS X 10.10.5: Safari, Chrome, FF

Windows 7 and Chrome (one machine only, but not FF/IE on same machine)

Update: No more exception after deleting Chrome browser cache. Now I’am being logged out immediately after clicking on a menu item in the backend on every machine. Seems that the token management is not functioning. Furthermore: after the login there is no entry written to table phplist_admintoken. Any hints?

Can someone help me?

Thanks a lot

@jotteff It is likely to be php session handling. You can use phpinfo() to see how sessions are configured in php, but beyond that it is difficult to know what is exactly wrong.

I am facing the same issue but not on all links but specially the links added through plugin like Statistics Plugin.

I have the same issue with phpList ltd - v3.6.12 on a VPS, but its keeps logging out when any menu option clicked