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[SOLVED] Ajax subscribe api


Thanks @duncanc, that helped me solve my dilemma!

It turned out that it was actually working correctly, but since I don’t have a mail server configured on my localhost, phplist was responding: Sorry, sending the message to request your confirmation failed, please click "Reload" to try again. If it still does not work, please contact the administrator.

When I uploaded the code to my server it worked as expected.

So, for anyone else having trouble with this:
You need a working mail server in your development environment to test this.
(Which I should have remembered from reading the phplist development guide…)


I have a new problem. I’m now trying to pass additional parameters by they aren’t being recorded.
I enabled the parameter in the subscribirían page in config and its being passed back in the url (I see it in console log)

Any idea why this could be happening?


If a wrong subscription page id is given, phpList will use the default subscription page, which probably is not good for Ajax.
This my change in index.php around line 120:
// make sure the subscribe page still exists
$id_save = $id;
$req = Sql_fetch_row_query(sprintf(‘select id from %s where id = %d’, $tables[‘subscribepage’], $id));
$id = $req[0];
if ($id == null) {
echo sprintf($GLOBALS[‘strSubscriPageMissing’],$id_save);
$strSubscriPageMissing = ‘Subscription page (%s) missing’;


Limit this to asubscribe only:

if ($id == null && (isset($_GET[‘p’]) && $_GET[‘p’] == ‘asubscribe’)) {


Belatedly many thanks for this @veltsu. Now a Mantis issue here: