[SOLVED] Admin pages loading VERY slowly on 3.2.4

Hi there. I’m a newbie here, but I’ve been using phpList for a while now. Since having upgraded to 3.2.4, the admin pages are loading EXTREMELY slowly. I’ve done everything to troubleshoot the problem, including running a couple of scripts that I found on this site, in order to clean up my database, and to remove orphans, etc. I’ve tuned MySQL with appropriate settings for my server. I’m running php v. 5.6, and Apache as my web server. My server is running iRedmail open-source edition (basically postfix, dovecot, mySQL, and Apache, and the OS is Debian 8.2.

The subscribe pages load lightning fast. The admin pages take 30+ seconds to load. The login page takes just as long. Fortunately, the users can get to the main subscription page with no wait. It only seems to be affecting the admin pages, and it only seems to have popped up with 3.2.4. With previous versions, I’ve never had a problem with slow-loading pages. Now, since upgrading, I’m stuck clicking and waiting.

Everything else that uses a database back-end on the server loads extremely quickly. Only the new phpList installation has issues loading the admin / login page. Can someone give me an idea as to what may be happening here? Otherwise, the system appears to be functioning normally. I’ve never had any issues running phpList on this system. Is this a glitch in the new version of the software? I haven’t seen anyone else post anything about this issue, so I’m wondering if it’s me, or if others are having this problem, as well?

Thanks for your help in advance!

I may have just figured out the problem. Apparently, due to abuse from IP addresses at linode, which I guess was where one of the MX servers for phpList lives, was firewalled out of my system due to abusive activity. I blocked the whole CIDR range, because linode abusers have frequently tried to attack my server from that particular range. I poked a hole in the firewall for your server, and it seems to load normally. My new question is this – Why is phpList phoning home when an administrator logs in on my server, with my own hosted version of phpList?

phplist checks for updates of various kinds, see https://github.com/phpList/phpList/issues/10

But I don’t know if any of that changed between 3.2.3 and 3.2.4.

Thanks for the reply duncanc! I realize, now, that it was trying to pull a news feed from one of the phpList servers hosted on Linode. I had the CIDR range for that particular address blocked. Once I poked a hole into the firewall for that particular IP address, I not only had a news feed on the side which wasn’t there before, but the admin pages began loading quickly just like before. I guess you could call this one solved. :slight_smile: