[Solved] 500 Error on updating Subscriber plugin

I received the recent email with the update news phplist plugins. I then went to update the ones I had, not realizing they were out of date. Without thinking much about it (or backing up), I just clicked on “update” for the Subscriber plugin within the admin panel. The next thing I knew is that I got:

This page isn’t working
mpiasia.net is currently unable to handle this request.

When I tried going to our dashboard https://mpiasia.net/phplist/admin I got the 500 Error.

I did ask out website host for support, and they wrote that they checked their server logs and didn’t find error messages related to the admin page for phplist. Now, though, after they checked it I am just getting a blank page and not even the 500 error message.

Any suggestions on how to fix this or even where to start would be welcome. Is it possible just to remove the folder for the plugin and that plugin, or is it more complicated than this?


@Duncanc is the guy to answer this for sure, but if you wanted to rename the subscriber plugin and subscriber plugin’s folder as a temporary stopgap, that should work in the sort term.

However, you don’t say which version you upgraded from or to, so did you also update the common plugin as well? Or did the error block your access before you could do that?

Thanks for the very quick reply! I will try that. I did not realize I had to update the common plugin, so maybe that is where I went wrong. I will let you know that happens with renaming the folders/files.

@mpifred @Dragonrider You can remove the plugin by naming or deleting the file plugins/SubscribersPlugin.php.

The plugin now requires phplist version 3.3.2 and Common Plugin version 3.8.0.

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That worked! Thank you!

I will make sure everything else is up to date, first. Should I then just rename the file back or reinstall it?

Never mind. That is what I did, and it worked just find. Now it is up to date.

Thank you again. A life saver!