SMTP configuration

Hello everyone

I just installed phplist, it’s great and there are possibilities.

I have a problem with the smtp configuration

I am at namecheap hosting. I installed phplist in a subfolder so I have some link errors but the rest works perfectly.

I set the config file:
$ bounce_mailbox_host = ‘’;
$ bounce_mailbox_user = ‘’;
$ bounce_mailbox_password = ‘Password’;
$ bounce_mailbox_port = ‘465 / smtp / ssl’;

At first, it seems to work since I receive a mail test and also an email when I run a campaign but …

When I change the settings (because I use a provider to send mailing) the information does not seem to be processed.

The mails are always sent regardless of the configurations.

The mails are treated by the stmp of the host although I indicate like data in the file config

Do you have an idea or a track?

Thanks a lot for your help.