Smaller Batch Limit

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to lower my batch limit as I keep getting the following error when ever I send out emails;

Domain xxxxxxxxxx has exceeded the max emails per hour (200/200 (100%))
allowed. Message will be reattempted later

I want to reduce the batch from 10000 to 150 and have it send each batch an hour a part, which I hope should fix my issue. I have tried adjusting settings in config.php and had no luck. A search on here also didn’t help, so hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction.


It sounds like you are sending using the admin interface in a browser. You will need to keep your browser window open while phplist sends the emails. Try using a smaller batch size and proportionate batch period, such as 15 emails/ 6 minutes.
But this may well not be a good approach for a large list.

Or, if you can change to use a cron job to process the queue, then set batch size to 0 and use a throttle value of 24 (= 3600/150). Set the cron job to run every 5 minutes or so.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, using the admin window in browser, the list is only small, just under 250 subscribers, so smaller batch isn’t an issue.

Just wondering where I go to change the batch settings, is it all in config.php or elsewhere?


They are in the config.php file, and if you want an interactive spreadsheet to use while adjusting the settings, I put one together here: