Sign up template?


Maybe I’m being dumb again - but I can’t for the life of me work out where the registration templates are? I have a hard-coded form on my website, and I want to be able to pass the data along to phplist so that it adds them to them in. Where do I find the “signup forms”?



Hi @andrewnewby

I’m assuming you that by “sing up form” mean “subscribe page”. That’s how you will find it on your phpList installation. On this page on the manual you can find a lot of useful information regarding subscribe pages:
Also, you can check this older thread from the forum where subscribe pages are being discussed: [SOLVED] Ajax subscribe api

Hope the above help!


Hi Mariana,

Yes, thats correct. That works like a charm (I would never have though to look for those pages in the “Config” section though ;))



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I’m still struggling with this. I don’t seem to have to have any replies on the thread I posted in :frowning: (I was trying to save making a new post);

Any ideas?