Show Images In Rss Feed Email


I have an rss feed going out and am trying to show images in the email.

The feed is located at

And I am using this code in the rss template settings


None of the images show up and on some of the feed items I am having trouble limiting the number of words for the excerpt.

Thanks for any help!

Hi there, i’m having the same issue. Although its three years later I wonder if you solved the problem. I was thinking there aren’t any clear instructions available. Even youtube has nothing on adding an image to the RSS newsletter or capturing that data from the feed.

When i look at my feed I see it but not the RSS newsletter.

@mrmckoy Have you looked at the plugin documentation plugin:rssfeed [phpList Resources] ?

The plugin will include whatever is in the feed items. You might need to choose to include the content instead of the summary from feed items, see the Configuration section.

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So after finally inspecting the wordpress RSS feed i noticed there was no image media referenced. Just the title and link to the posts!

Had to download a plugin to add that content to the RSS feed. Sometimes I wonder why wordpress does things like that.

As soon as the image url was added to the feed it started appearing in readers. Thanks!