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Share your own phpList experience

Hello everyone! :phplist:

On this forum there is a brand new category now named “Community” and it is dedicated to the phpList community, that’s EVERYONE here.

Are you a phpList experienced user or you just started? Have you ever been involved on a discussion here on the forum or had a Pull Request merged on GitHub? You can create a new topic and share your phpList story with everyone else!!

Many topics here as marked as solved and many issues on GitHub and on Mantis (the phpList bug tracker) have been resolved thanks to the work of community members! Now, this is their time to shine …

If you go to the Community category you will find an explanation of what this category is about and if you hit the “New topic” you will see a topic template there with some questions there to guide you. Of course, you can skip those questions if you have a different structure in your mind.

On the blog there is a very detailed blogpost explaining everything. You can check the blogpost here:
If you have any additional questions though, please feel free to reply on this thread! :smile:

Hint: if you wish to use the phpList emoji, all you have to do is to type :phplist:


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