Setting up bounces correctly?

Bounces are going to my mailbox but stats show no bounces. I’m not really clear about what process bounces does. Does it register the bounce in the db and delete them from my mailbox, or does it just mark those addresses as unconfirmed and count how many times they have bounced? What should my settings be? Here is what I have.

$message_envelope = ‘’;
$bounce_protocol = ‘pop’;
I don’t think I am using pop so I left the next three lines as is
$bounce_mailbox_host = ‘localhost’;
$bounce_mailbox_user = ‘popuser’;
$bounce_mailbox_password = ‘password’;
$bounce_mailbox_port = ‘110/pop3/notls’;
$bounce_mailbox = ‘/var/spool/mail/listbounces’;
$bounce_mailbox_purge = 1;
$bounce_mailbox_purge_unprocessed = 1;
$bounce_unsubscribe_threshold = 2;

@bbookghost See the online documentation

Helpful. Thanks. I’ve configured my bounce mail settings now.

The statistics show no bounces and that’s probably because I had the pop set up wrong. However, in my first and last successful campaign I have 1537 mail failures in my bounce email box.

But what should I do with all these message? Should I manually delete them as there is no process bounces button anywhere at this time? Should I leave them there until I send another campaign to that list?

@bbookghost There should be a “process bounces” command on the manage bounces page, menu System > Manage bounces.

Thank you! Don’t know why I missed that, but I did.

1525 done
Closing mailbox, and purging messages
Identifying consecutive bounces
total of 1533 subscribers processed