Setting for failed messages

Frequently when sending mails, some of the addresses fail and messages like this appear in phplist.htm (the send report file)

Error sending message 31 (45/50) to (

45 failed (will retry later)

As I send messages in batches of 50, the delivery gets clogged with those failed email addresses and it slows down dramatically, as phplist is trying to send to the same problematic addresses over and over again

is there any setting to tell phplist not to retry emails that have such permanent errors? Note this is not a bounce

I have had phplist get ‘stuck’ on bad email addresses. Try sending an email to the ‘ipg@…uk’ and see if it goes through.

The solution for me was to delete that email address from the database/system.

i know you can delete these “bad” emails from the database, and the mailing carries on… but if you have thousands of subscribers, we need to have a setting that allows phplist to abandon bad email addresses after a number of tries automatically