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Hi everyone,

I’ve created a template for my newsletter, but I’m trying to find a way to setup a default message body as well.

The reason for this is that I have content that appears in every newsletter (eg the company logo) which I have defined in the template. In addition, there is content that changes each time, but should display in the same location - a banner image and heading.

Is there a way to either create default body content, so the body is prepopulated when starting a new campaign, or display the template in the campaign editor so portions can be customised for that particular mail out?

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.


Hi Derek,

The templates should be setup with everything that stays the same between campaigns, and a placeholder for the variable content that changes from campaign to campaign. [CONTENT]

Then when you start a new campaign, specify the information that will be plugged into the placeholder, and specify the template.

What Derek is asking about is having some structure (html layout) for the message content in addition to the template. That is not possible but one approach is to copy/paste the content from a previous message as a starting point.

Or you can use the Manage Campaigns plugin to copy a campaign.


Thanks Duncan, that’s a good way to deal with it. I’ll create a campaign with the standard structure and save it as a draft,then make use of the Manage Campaigns plugin to copy this draft each time.

Thanks for your help!

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For future reference the manual chapters edit here

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