Server migration, using php7.2

I have a 3.2.3 version working on ubuntu 14.04 with php 5.5.9 everything was working fine for many years, now I moved to a new server with ubuntu 18.04 php 7.2 with all php libs.

First I got a blank page with no errors, when removed $SessionTableName = “phplistsessions”; the site came online, but when processing campaigns nothing happen, the campaign stay in active an it won’t be send it.

Test mail work fine, smtp server is a local host configured the same as the old server.
Verbose is set to 1 so error_reporting, but no error is show and no logs in apache neither.

This is the event log:

1142258 2019-06-20 10:11:15 select id from phplist_message where status not in (“draft”, “sent”, “prepared”, “suspended”) and embargo
PÁGINA: PAGEACTION [Borrar](javascript:deleteRec(’./?page=eventlog&start=0&delete=1142258&tk=7650a1da47db1a32392dc53863894a00’):wink:
1142257 2019-06-20 10:11:15 Tiempo máximo de procesamiento de la cola: 60

I don’t know what else to do,

Welcome to the forum @leofishman!

phpList’s automated tests are also run on PHP 7.2 so should work for you. Your PHP modules may have changed if you upgraded though. Worth checking if some were removed.

See here for additional steps to get errors to appear in the log:

Others may have thoughts about your log messages, and batch settings.

How are you processing the list? It looks like you are hitting a 60sec timeout, which would make me suspect that you’re processing by the http command?

How big is your list you are sending to?
Do you have the setting for processing the list fully at the beginning set to on?

I process it from the web, system -> process queue
I think it may have to do with the database, now I am on mysql 5.7
Finally the mails were sent, but after they sent to emabargo, does sound logic?


and how many are on your list…?

you also might wan to add the ‘timezone’ plugin… it could be that the php time and the mysql time are not the same… and that the campaigns are ‘embargoed’… for a couple of hours.

install the timezone plugin, and then set your timezone, and see if that fixes it.

If you have a large list, you might want consider sending via a cron job.


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I think it maybe the timezone, the database are less than 200 users.
Sadly I couldn’t install the plugin since the plugin common require version 3.3.2
I think about rolling back to the old server since I have other compatibility problems on other apps.

Thanks a lot!

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Maybe @duncanc has a workaround for this… it did work with older versions of phpList… perhaps he has a link to an older version… I have recently upgraded my systems that used the old version, and the corresponding version of the common plugin.

another idea is to remove the version check in the plugin…
(the timezone issue is that the server o/s is set for a different timezone than php… the plugin corrects that. If you roll back to a previous version of phpList, that doesn’t address the issue).

@leofishman @danwaterloo To work with such an old release of phplist from November 2015 you will need old versions of the Timezone plugin and Common plugin
and this is the oldest version of Common plugin on GitHub that should work with phplist 3.2.3

Hi, I had to revert all migration to the old server, I found many dependencies problems with other drupal apps php 7 and mysql problems.

I will try again shortly but first I will update phplist to latest version.

Thanks a lot!!

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Thanks for the help, Duncan.