Sent test mail to: FAILED

I’ve been sending email newsletters without any trouble, now it won’t send a test email and none of my newsletter subscribers are receiving anything

Many of the biggest email providers like Google and Yahoo have recently changed. Hosting providers have also changed their Acceptable Use Policies. It is likely not a phpList issue.

One of several things could be happening:

  1. Your server’s IP address could be on a Blacklist.
  2. You may not be using DKIM, SPF, and DMARC and are therefore blocked from delivering email by the recipients’ mail provider. Most of the large email providers now require a valid DMARC policy.
  3. High rates of spam reports coming from your IP, which indicates spamming or Email spoofing.
  4. High rates of messages sent too quickly without ramping up your IP reputation first.
  5. Too many bounce messages.
  6. Shared hosting throttling or blocking delivery.

Keep in mind, if you are on shared hosting, that means you are sharing an IP with other people. Therefore, you are relying on their use of the same IP. If they engage in unacceptable activity, your email reputation can be affected.

Try calling your hosting provider and asking them to help. They own your IP and are therefore in the best position to help.