Sent campaign to list and my test adress but nothing received

My two last campaigns haven’t reached my receivers even thou the dashboards says it has been sent to all of my list members . I have, as always, sent a test message before sending the campaign. No trouble. It reached the testadress. But when I have sent the campaign it doesn’t even reach the testadress. Can you please help me understand what’s change since 24th of April when all worked jus fine. I’m on a payed and hosted service on
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PA Strand

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Hello @pastrand and welcome to the phpList community!

Hence you are using a phpList hosted plan, please email The phpList staff will be able to provide you assistance once you explain your case.



Thanks. I did that. Marked my mail as support and got a mail with a link to this forum. Maybe it was an automatic respond before they answer themselves:slightly_smiling_face:
I´ll wait and see…