Sending too many messages

The test where my website is located made a show because I sent 3642 messages in a single day.
He claims that I could only send 200 messages a day so as not to flood the server, strangely they offer a paid service where this problem does not arise … probably the problem is linked only to an economic fact.
My question is can you schedule the sending of a group of messages so as to limit the hyper daily inflow ??

Yes, you set up the sending limits your host gives yo uin the config/config.php file.

From what you say above, the following will probably suit you.

# batch processing disabled:

# Batch_period is not effective when batch processing is disabled:

# Pause between messages (in seconds) to send no more than 200 messages per day:

With such low limits, you’ll need to look at cron jobs I fear.
How to use a cron:

How to set up a cron:

I am testing the new configuration and I did the test with 5 emails, I see that it is very slow, it will probably send the 5 emails in the next 24 hours, moreover the window must be active, otherwise it stops sending … I don’t think it is the best solution

I think I did the best thing, I purchased a virtual smtp that allows me to send up to 5,000 messages to the agirno without them being marked as SPAM.
Thanks for the help

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