Sending to specific lists first

Hey guys!

I checked the forum and docs not sure if this question has been asked or mentioned in the docs.

When sending a campaign and we select multiple lists and from my understanding if there are 2 lists with the same subscriber it will only send an email to that subscriber once. Is there anyway we can specify which list can be sent first in a campaign? From my understanding and experience there is no way to specify this in PHPList. Is there perhaps a plugin that can achieve this?


Yes, if there are 2 lists with the same subscriber, he/she will only receive one email/message.
As for the priority of the list, I am not an expert, but I think it depends on when the user subscribed. That is, an older subscriber, will receive the message earlier than a newer subscriber. Maybe @duncanc can correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi @miguelss

Thanks for the response. I never knew that and that is interesting to note, unfortunately it is not a solution in my situation. Hopefully there can be a way to send to lists in order of preference

Hi @ThumbPacked,

I just did a test and it works for me, and maybe you can try it too.
My test:

  • Rename the Lists. The list I want to be the first one I have included a zero first, for example: “0.My List”, so PhpList maybe uses the alphabetical order to send.

Could you test it and let us know if it works for you too?

Hi @miguelss

Seems this is the solution for me. Thanks so much for checking this


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