Sending to specific lists first

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I checked the forum and docs not sure if this question has been asked or mentioned in the docs.

When sending a campaign and we select multiple lists and from my understanding if there are 2 lists with the same subscriber it will only send an email to that subscriber once. Is there anyway we can specify which list can be sent first in a campaign? From my understanding and experience there is no way to specify this in PHPList. Is there perhaps a plugin that can achieve this?


Yes, if there are 2 lists with the same subscriber, he/she will only receive one email/message.
As for the priority of the list, I am not an expert, but I think it depends on when the user subscribed. That is, an older subscriber, will receive the message earlier than a newer subscriber. Maybe @duncanc can correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi @miguelss

Thanks for the response. I never knew that and that is interesting to note, unfortunately it is not a solution in my situation. Hopefully there can be a way to send to lists in order of preference

Hi @ThumbPacked,

I just did a test and it works for me, and maybe you can try it too.
My test:

  • Rename the Lists. The list I want to be the first one I have included a zero first, for example: “0.My List”, so PhpList maybe uses the alphabetical order to send.

Could you test it and let us know if it works for you too?

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Hi @miguelss

Seems this is the solution for me. Thanks so much for checking this


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Hi @miguelss . Hope you are well. Coming back to this issue as it seems the solution for adding numbers to the list is not working as expected. I tried using “0.Custom list” “1.Main List” but it does not respect the order. Is there another way we can get PHP List to send emails to subscribers in a particular order? My only other solution is creating a separate campaign and removing those subscribers from the list of that campaign and then adding them back. I would appreciate any advice and perhaps guidance on a plugin to resolve this. CC: @duncanc.


@ThumbPacked The simplest way is to send the campaign to the first list. When that has finished sending, view the campaign, select the second list you want to send to and requeue the campaign (the Resend button).

When that has finished sending then view the campaign, select the third list etc.

Thanks for the reply @duncanc . With this method can I have the same emails in both lists but only send an email to them once?

That is the case regardless. phplist sends a campaign to a subscriber only once.

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