Sending to Filtered Set of Subscribers - Criteria?

Using version 3.0.10

I would like to send to all subscribers within a specific State. I see reference to a “criteria tab” in the [phplist info page][1].

The only tabs I’m seeing in this version are:
1 Content 2 Text 3 Format 4 Scheduling 5 Lists 6 Finish

Am I missing something? Is this a feature that exists in the self hosted version, maybe just a newer version?


@mikeill You are looking at the documentation for phplist 2, much of which is still accurate but not the criteria processing. That is now provided through a plugin, which I think is not available in the hosted service.

You might want to raise a request through your hosted account.

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Hi and thank you. We don’t have a hosted account. It’s self-hosted. Do you happen to know what the plugin is called and/or where it can be found. I’m not finding much in the way of documentation on phplist plugins. And if you wouldn’t mind, are these the correct docs for phplist vervion 3.*, at

@mikeill On the Manage Plugins page there is a link to find more plugins. Then look for the Segmentation plugin, which lets you send to people who have, for example, a certain attribute value.

All that documentation at was for phplist 2. You should now look at that on

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I see! So from within the phplist Admin interface go to Config > Manage plugins there is a link "find plugins’ that currently links to this page. And it looks like you’ve made a significant number of them, so thank you!

I also see a lot of plugins on GitHub.

I removed the word hosted from the link to phpList2 docs, as they don’t have any relationship to the service (formerly phpList hosted) - just to stop them getting flagged up in search engines wrongly :slight_smile: thanks