Sending password to admin without permission "change settings"

Why has an admin without superadmin permissions and without the permission to “change settings” not the option to reset his password? I mean he can request a token with the email and the request URL, but it won’t work, even a superadmin can not set a new password (well I could somehow in the database with the hash function I guess but this is not the default way, right?!).
If I assign the permission “change settings” to this admin, the password reset works fine! I did not expect the permission “change settings” to include a password change.

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Could be a bug. If you can, test it a few times and report it as described under

Hi Anna,
we are just starting to use PHPList in a multi national organisation and so I see a lot of use cases, feature requests, bugs, potentional bugs, design improvements as system administrator.

I think in general that PHPList is a great tool and many people put a lot of good thoughts into it, and there are some areas, where it would only take a little stept to make a big change.
I am not always sure where to bring up these things, in the forum? On Mantis? Github? Its sometimes difficult to find out if things are already fixed or even brought up – but from a certain size of a project, I think this is just normal.
So please give me an idea where exactly to bring up things when I am not sure. I would also like to do some little improvement in the code (github with description on mantis?) is there is free time (haha)…

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Hi, well first of all, your project sounds fascinating. Do tell me more about it.

With this, the pages at

tell you much of what you need to know. Mantis is generally the place for new bugs and features.

Also We are running a “bug swatting day” soon, with some assistance getting to know the phpList code. Is that something you would be interested in getting involved with?

Thank you Anna! I reported some bugs/feature requests in mantis.

Bug swatting day: Sounds interesting! Where will it be announced?

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I will mail about it. We are thinking Friday afternoon this week for getting started. Think you can make it?

Sorry, friday afternoon is not fine to me if you mean afternoon in GMT.

yeah, gmt - no worries, another time :smile: