Sending emails / Creating Campaigns with dynamic content using REST API? [Locally hosted]

Hey everyone.
According to this Github doc, the only Rest API calls that are available are for managing lists and subscribers.

How come there are no Campaign creating API calls? We have a content creation website and what we are trying to achieve is fully automated system for creating campaigns that notify our subscribers of new content. So every time we push “publish a video” we want to automatically create a campaign, populate it with the dynamic content like Video Title, Description, Thumbnail image and links and send it off to the emailing queue to our subscribers. Is that possible?

I see this very often with other email client tools. You only get API calls for managing subscribers, which frankly I already do using PHP and MySQL.

Any way to achieve this with phpList? Thanks everyone for the help.

@MilesThatch You might want to look at the older, now unsupported, plugin that does support sending a campaign

A couple of other suggestions are

Ah, I see. thank you for a quick reply! How come the new API does not offer this? Seems like pretty major functionality to leave out for automation.