Sending email using getting zero opens/clicks

Since the 14th March all my emails have been getting 0 opens and 0 clicks from a list of tens of thousands. I have tried changing sending email address, link and content but it remains the same on every send. Is anyone else having a similar problem? Support hasnt got back to my support ticket.
Thanks in advance

+1 on this issue. Ours started around the March 11th. Our installation was outdated and I have upgraded to 3.3.1.
Using Lunarpages as a host in case there is any correlation.

to troubleshoot, send yourself a test email, and see what the html links are. They should go back to your phpList installation, and then be forwarded to the final destination link. This process increments the counter in phpList.

One of two things are happening, either the links don’t go back to the server, or the counter isn’t working for some reason. If it’s the latter, you might check your version of php that is installed (use the ‘common’ plugin to view it via the phpList menus. You need a minimum of v5.4, I would recommend v5.6 or v7.x for php.

There seem to be two issues here, the first one (in the OP) relating to service, and the second one related to a phpList upgrade, hosted by Lunarpages.

@730promo someone will reach out to you via email again regarding your issue.

@MikeVL I don’t think your problem is related to the OP.