Sending both text and html template email

Hello everyone,
In my campaign, both html and text emails are sending which is not necessary. I looked everywhere for a solution to stop text mails and send only html one. I couldn’t find an answer anywhere. Hope someone will be able to help.
Thank you

If both formats are being sent, then you have allowed your subscribers to choose the option of TXT or HTML.

Initially, change the options on the subscribe page to HTML ONLY which will stop any others choosing TXT.

If people have chosen to receive plain text, then you really need to respect their choice.

Dear Dragonrider,
Thanks for your suggestion, but it is not working either. I’m keep looking for a solution.

Thank you very much

Try the following, this works but it will also depend if this is your actual problem or not.

Add the following code to your config.php file.

# test emails
# if you send a test email, phplist will by default send you two emails, one in HTML format
# and the other in Text format. If you set this to 1, you can override this behaviour
# and only have a test email sent to you that matches the user record of the user that the
# test emails are sent to
define('SEND_ONE_TESTMAIL', 0);

Hi. One question about the 2 formats.
I see that the value is declared in _user_user` under “htmlemail” in the db.
Does 1=html?